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Carpet 101

The best carpet for your home is easy to identify, if you know what you're looking for, and we're here to help.  First, don't pay attention to any single quality, such as judging a carpet by its fiber alone.  Instead, judge carpets by several qualities: density, twist, construction, fiber, stain protection, style, color, price, and brand.  Notice that warranty is not one of the characteristics I believe matter at this point.  We'll discuss each point in depth to help you know how to determine good carpet quality.  Second, pick a reliable store and insist on a professional installer.  NOTE:  I only sell "bulk continuous fiber" also known as BCF.  I won't cover the differences, but take my advice and only consider carpets that are BCF.


Desity, which is a formula of the height and weight of the carpet, is the most important characteristic of carpet.  A good density is easy to see and feel as it forms a strong texture on the surface of carpets.  A carpet with a good surface will keep spills, soil, allergens, and stains on the top of the carpet fibers which is easier to clean.  This structure also wears best. 


Twist is important for the memory of the carpet.  For carpet to have proper retention strength, it needs a tight twist.  This will act as a spring like coil to bounce back after each step. 


Sometimes, you'll want a construction that is more playful, or has a designed pattern in the carpet, more than a heavy density.  For a good carpet, just make sure you don't stray to far away from the fundamental elements of a good carpet.  Even a shag carpet can have adequate density.


I believe that carpet should be purchased with several fundamental criteria examined as a whole.  Fiber is where most people spend too much time and put too much faith.  Nylon is my favorite carpet fiber, but a carpet made with nylon but with a weak density is not a good CARPET.  Such can be said of every fiber out there.  Polyester cleans well but absolutely MUST have strong density to help it wear well.  Wool carpet is best as a loop berber. 

Stain Protection

Stainmaster has it's teflon coating, Anso Nylon has R2X, Smartstrand has Forever clean. Regardless of their individual strengths, a good topical treatment is definitely important.  Later, we cover carpet Brands as an important quality in carpeting, which ties into the stain protection.  Buying a branded carpet from a well known carpet manufacturer is what you should focus on.  Shaw and Mohawk are industry leaders. 


I have neither style nor fashion so I won't even tackle how carpet styles should be valued, only to say that you should consider it for your house.


The color of the carpet color is extremely important for several reasons.  You may find yourself wanting to pick a lighter color, however, soiling and stains are more apparent on the lighter colors.  Especially with kids or pets, pick a color that will go with your style and house, but make sure it wont lead to frustration later down the road.


Carpet is the best priced flooring available. 




If you want my honest opinion, you should not put a lot of faith in the carpet warranties.  Pick a good carpet, take care of it, and you shouldn't need to worry about your warranty. 


A large part of your carpet equation is the installation.  You absolutely should feel comfortable with the person putting the carpet in your house.


We wont offer you a bad choice of pad and we dont play games getting you into a nicer alternative.  We recommend an 8lb 1/2" pad made with memory foam for most carpets.