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What does a carpet warranty really mean?

A carpet warranty does not mean what you think it means, so you need to choose your floor carefully.  If you pick a carpet because the warranty makes you think the carpet is quality, then you're in for a surprise.  Pick a quality carpet based on several factors that matter:  density, twist, color, price, construction, and brand, and then hope that you never need to rely on your warranty.

Almost all carpets have a warranty, but here are the takeaways:

  1. Almost all warranties will be pro-rated, so year one may consider 100% of the value of the carpet, but year 10 may only consider 10% of the carpet.
  2. You will have to professionally clean your carpets every 18 to 24 months to keep it active.
  3. Your average warranty will cover manufacturing defects for one year. 
  4. Manufacturers will send out an independent carpet inspector to report on the problems.  This can take several weeks to a couple of months to complete.
  5. Pad upgrades will usually add benefits to the carpet warranty.  But, again, it doesn't mean you should put more faith in it. 

Lifetime Warranties on Carpets?

Here's how you can know that carpet warranties are not what they appear:  Take a look at the cheapest carpet you can find.  You'll notice it also has a warranty.  In some cases it will have a lifetime warranty.  So, in today's market, you can find a lifetime carpet warranty on a carpet that you wont expect to last two years. 


Another thing you might not know, but a new start-up carpet mill is already offering lifetime warranties.  So, you can purchase a carpet with a lifetime warranty from a mill that has only been around for five years.

Shaw and Mohawk are the two largest carpet manufacturers.  If you purchase their carpet from one of their approved retail stores, you are more likely to be take care of and have your warranty honored.

What do I need to do to keep the warranty?

A regular schedule of proper care and maintenance needs to be demonstrated to keep your warranty.  Your carpet should have the appearance that you have cared for it.

Are warranties transferable? 

Carpet warranties are usually transferable between homeowners, but not all, so make sure you speak with a professional to understand the fine print.




As with all floors, a proper install from a reliable installer is key to ensuring longevity in your carpet. 

Branded Carpet Warranties

Stainmaster has long been considered the most reliable brand of carpet fibers.

Anso Nylon, made exclusively by Shaw, is our most trusted brand and warranty in the industry.