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Consider This:

Here's a helpful tip to keep in mind: Don't get hung up on picking a carpet that is good for your radiant heat floor.  You need to pick a carpet that is right for you. Pick a construction and style that feels good, looks good, and fits in your budget. Don't worry, just yet, about thermal values and insulating factors. You don't want to get a carpet that is good for your radiant system but is bad for you.

First Things First, Installation

Like with all things flooring, installation is a huge part of your carpet equation. Experience truly matters with radiant heat. Our installers will not gamble with nailing down tack strip, using cheap setting materials, installing pad that is not approved, etc. We are extremely familiar with installing carpet and pad over radiant heat.

Carpet Pad and Radiant Heat Floors

Rubber pad has long been the recommended pad for radiant heat systems as it has a great R-value and holds up to the heat well. Today, there are several more options from which to choose. We stock several here in Colorado Springs. No matter what, you absolutely should not use the standard rebond pad. It will break down and release bad juju.

Approved Pads

With several constructions available, keep in mind that 3/8" or 7/16" is ideal for both the eficiency of the radiant heat system and the comfort of your carpet.

  • Rubber pad in varying structures and weights.
  • Newer Memory Foam Pad styles are approved for radiant heat.


When the carpet R-value is not available, the study suggested multiplying the total carpet thickness measured in inches by a factor of 2.6 to approximate the carpet’s R-value. The study also found that Rvalues are additive for any combination of materials. For example, a combination of carpet with an Rvalue of 1.3 and a prime polyurethane cushion with an R-value of 1.6 will yield an overall R-value of 2.9.



Insulation Factors:

Please click on links above for fact sheets on insulation R-values for carpet and pad.
Consider the thickness of the carpet and pad.

Tack Strip Caution

Don't risk a struck radiant pipe. Glue down your tack strip. For thicker carpet use a wider strip or double up on the one inch version. Never nail down tack strip into radiant heat floors.