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Radiant Heat Flooring and Hardwood Floors

Consider a Locking Wood Floor:

Wood floors now readily come with a locking system that allow it to float easily. Consider locking wood floors from Mohawk Architexture, Kahrs, and Kahrelia.

Today you have a lot of options of wood floors that will work over radiant heat, but here are some things you need to consider:

  1. Only use an approved Engineered wood floor.
  2. Buy American to ensure your floor will work well in our climates.
  3. Installation methods vary, but floating your floor is your best bet.

First Things First, Installation

Floating your floor is a great idea, and the only way we will install wood over a radiant heat floor. Make sure your floor is not only approved and warranted for use over radiant heat, but make sure you know WHAT INSTALLATION METHOD is recommended.

Approved and efficient underlayments

With radiant heat floors, we highly recommend you float your floor. To do this, you'll need an approved underlayment.

  • Although cork is an approved underlayment, it is a great insulator, and therefor does not work well with radiant heat systems.
  • Look for a 3 in 1 underlayment, that will act as a moisture barrier, cushion, and acoustic layer all in one.



Some species of wood work better than others, and some widths are more temperamental, too. Pay close attention to manufactures' samples and make sure your floor is approved and warranted for use over radiant heat floors.

Top Nailing

Don't risk a struck radiant pipe. Never nail down floors into radiant heat subfloors. Don't even risk top nailing as accidents happen.