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Why is My Carpet Wrinkled?

Why am I getting wrinkles in my carpet?

It shouldn't happen, but it does.  Carpets get wrinkled for several reasons, but the good news is they can be fixed and avoided.

What causes wrinkles in carpets: 

Most carpet backing is made with water soluble adhesive, so even a slight spill can contribute to wrinkles.  This is one of the most common reasons for wrinkles to occur. 

In Colorado we have an extremely dry climate, and a lot of people install whole house humidifiers (which we love) or swamp coolers (which we hate) in order to add humidity.  Please let us know ahead of time if you have these as we can take steps to prevent the excess moisture from causing wrinkles. 

If not moisture, then what?

Its not always poor installation.  It could be, but consider some other possibilities: 

  1. cheap carpets tend to wrinkle more than quality carpets. 
  2. excessive humidity, from humidifiers, swamp coolers, flooding, or excessive steam cleaning.
  3. poor installation, including cheap tackstrip, failing to use power stretcher, etc.

How to fix the wrinkles:

wrinkled carpet before and after

A re-stretch is needed to fix carpet wrinkles.  Dont worry.  It's usually easy to do, inexpensive, and in some cases furniture doesn't even need to be moved.  Please call to arrange an estimate for the repair. 


A qualified installer usually isn't listed on Craigslist. Make sure you meet with your installer before the day of the installation to be comfortable with his abilites. 

We send our installers to meet you during the measurement so you will be comfortable with you and they will be comfortable with your needs. 

Soft Backed Carpets

Shaw carpets and some Beaulieu carpets are manufactured with a soft back.  This will help ensure you a wrinkle free life, and also help prevent scratching walls and baseboards during installations.