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Cork Flooring by ElementsLisbon Burl Natural Cork Flooring

Elements by Kentwood Cork Flooring: Lisbon Burl Natural Cork is our best selling cork floor.

We keep limited inventory in stock in Denver and Colorado Springs. 

4.99 per square foot.  Transition strips are available upon request. 

No matter what flooring you are looking for, you should definitely consider Cork Floors for your purchase.  Cork is one of the most sustainable flooring options for your home.  They litterally take the bark off of a tree, turn it into flooring, then wait for the tree to regrow more bark.  If you are worried about thermal issues, cold floors, hard uncomfortable floors, or loud acoustics, a cork floor can help!

Cork is one of nature’s wonder materials. It is actually the bark of the cork oak tree, most commonly found in Portugal but grown in other areas of the world as well.

A great benefit of cork is its sustainability. The bark is harvested without harm to the tree. After harvest, the bark grows back and in a few years the tree can be harvested again. Typically a cork oak will yield twenty harvests in its lifetime – a truly renewable resource.


While cork has been used to manufacture everything from fishing floats to bottle stoppers, it has also been used for over a century as a flooring material. Apart from its naturally warm and intriguing visual appeal, cork has many attractive properties that make it an excellent choice as a floor covering:
- It is naturally warm and comfortable underfoot
- It has natural sound and heat insulating properties
- It offers excellent impact resistance and durability
- It is even naturally resistant to mold, mildew and pests!

The Elements by Kentwood Cork Collection updates this classic flooring style with fresh new colors and patterns, design-friendly wide plank styling, and the ease and convenience of Kentwood’s patented glueless installation technology. To see the full line of styles available visit your Colorado Springs cork dealer, IQ Floors.