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In the flooring business very little excites our imaginations, but the concept of LVT that emerged several years ago changed everything.  Here is a product that is priced aggressively, can be used commercially in abusive environments, and is available in glue-down, click-together, and floating loose-lay constructions. 

What's best is:  Imagine putting this in a restaraunt setting.  Two years after the install a piece is damaged (use your imagination), the repair is as simple as lifting out the damaged piece and dropping in the new piece.  A cheap, five minute repair.  Care, Cleaning, and Maintenance are a dream. 


Floors are like people, and evoke is warm, inviting, and touchy-feely. Fashionable, yet timeless.  Whimsical, yet reliable. Always alluring and never high-maintenance, evoke doesn’t require any fancy lotions, potions, or beauty routines. That gorgeous exterior is remarkably resilient to whatever life sends its way. 

Evoke has a floor for every taste, every room, and every budget. Our laminates look like they could have come straight from a Paris loft or an Italian farmhouse. The luxury vinyl group is loved for its no-fuss approach to living and ability to age gracefully. Built for commitment, evoke will always look as fabulous as the day you met.



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LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile, which is resilient vinyl cut into tile or plank sizes (usually 6" x 36", or 6" x 48" sizes).  It is also known as Luxury Vinyl Plank.


For LVT installations, refer to the carpet installers list, as they are most experienced with Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile installs.  Click the above link for their information.


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