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Getting Started

Flooring and Carpet Installers

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Carpet Wood Tile Cork Laminate
20+ years experience

If you are a carpet installer and would like to be on this list, please visit us at the showroom for information.



  • Product construction
    • width (carpet and wood)
    • type of carpet (berber, shag,etc)
    • weight
    • solid or engineered (wood)
  • Pattern Repeats
  • The type of Pad (if any)
  • special accomodations you might need

Average Flooring Install Prices

The following prices are averages  in Colorado Springs and will be determined correctly during the measure.

  • Carpet
    • cutpile = 4$ / yd
    • loop / pattern = 5$ / yd
    • tear out = 1$ / yd
    • furniture = 1$ / yd
  • Vinyl
    • 7$ / yd
    • prep work and underlay are extra.
  • Tile
    • floor = 4$ / s.f.
    • wall = 5$ / s.f.
    • pattern and deco's are extra.
  • Wood
    • prefinished = 2.50 / s.f.
    • unfinished = 3.50 / s.f.
  • Cork
    • 2.00 / s.f.
  • Laminate
    • average 1.75 / s.f.


1. Get to Know Us    2. Get a complimentary Measure     3.  Schedule the Install! 

No Pressure, ever.  We promise.  You wont experience this level of laid back service anywhere else!

First things First, Floor-Play

We recommend you come in to the showroom before we measure.  We want to make sure you are comfortable with us and that we have the right product for you.  We call it Floor-Play, and once it's out of the way, we'll get to the good stuff.

  1. You can  visit the store and choose your new floor.
  2. Your installer will schedule a free, no-obligation measurement to determine the quantity that you need, and the total cost of the installation.
  3. We will begin to generate an estimate based on the measurement and the product you've chosen.

Carpet and Flooring Product Selections:

Wether the measurement has been completed or not, it is completely fine to begin looking at all the styles to choose from.  Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  1. If you feel overwhelmed with questions or concerns, please come by to visit and we will make you feel comfortable again.
  2. Set a budget
  3. Pick a construction or style first, then pick a color.
  4. Pick a day and schedule the install.

Details To Consider:

The biggest consideration for the installation is the inconveniences.  Installs are typically noisy; so, if you have a home office, or a child that likes to nap, have a plan.  Installs are also a lot of coming and going, so arrange for your pets to be secured.

Installation and Ordering Time frames:

From the time you choose your product, till it is installed varies.  Here's what you can expect:

  • Carpet Install......................One Week
  • Wood (prefinished)......Two Weeks (this includes only a couple of days for acclimation)
  • Wood (site-finished)....Two and 1/2 Weeks (this includes finish time)
  • Vinyl.........................One Week
  • Tile...........................Within a week
  • Laminate....................Within a week