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The Big News

Going back to Rome!

Shaw Learning Academy is bringing me back, this time to help out with the Shaw Academy for Leadership Training!
This is part of the Total Business Transformation (TBT) that I am enrolled in. TBT exists to develop owners into a stronger, more profitable business. More than just business, TBT inspires a stronger leadership role and commitment to our communities.
Since joining last summer, IQ Floors has seen an amazing difference in every facet of our business.

Awesome in Orlando!

My family and I went to Orlando last month for the Shaw 2015 SFN Convention and had the time of our lives.  It was a great time for our business, but an even better time for our gilrs to see a little bit of what I do.


Reagan Echols, Owner


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November, 2015

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling.  Things are going really well.  We've had a great summer and Fall has slowed the pace down to a comfortable pace.  There's a better mood in the air, and a friendly way about town.  That being said, there isn't much to say.  No updates, remodels, or stories; but the year is still young.

We Told You So.  The Lumber Liquidators Lie

The average level in Lumber Liquidators products that we found was over six to seven times above the state standard for formaldehyde. And we found some that were close to 20 times above the level that's allowed to be sold.   - CBS, 60 Minutes, Feb. 1, 2014

IQ Floors, we saved lives!

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Well, we told you so. For years customers have been coming in to our store in Colorado Springs asking us to match a laminate product from Lumber Liquidators. We always joked, "do you want us to match the price, or the formaldehyde?" The humor was based on rumors that I had heard for years in the flooring industry. It is impossible to be that profitable (in terms of profit growth) in a short amount of time without cheating. We were able to compel a lot of the customers to switch to our products and pay a little more, but I hate using the fear tactic.
In this case, however, we were probably saving lives. According to the New York Daily News, "Chinese-made laminate flooring sold by retailer Lumber Liquidators contains up to 20 times more cancer-causing formaldehyde than regulatory standards permit, a California lawyer claims." Furthermore, "when Drury and Denny Larson, who heads the environmental nonprofit Global Community Monitor, tested 150 boxes of Lumber Liquidators’ flooring, they found that every single one that was made in China exceeded the state's limit. Most were seven times over the state standard, and some were close to 20 times greater than the legal threshold."
Reagan Echols, who owns the Colorado Springs carpet store, IQ Floors, says, "it's no longer a joke. It's real. What they have done to hundreds of thousands of homes, they have done to hundreds of thousands of people." He goes on to broaden the warning, "as cheap as it was, you have landlords putting it in rentals, and homeowners installing it into homes they were selling, so now a great number of people have it in their homes and they don't even know it!"

Our Own Before and After News

StorefrontIQ Floors Storefront

oh, what a difference!






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It's Winter?  Summer brought us a new look to the showroom and that was coupled with a new look to our website.  We also put together a facebook page and a twitter account for you to follow us for up to date news and information.

IQ Floors News and Updates

January 30, 2015

The most exciting news in the flooring industry is the long awaited update to Shaw's Anso Colorwall.  Well, the new look was worth the wait.  New tonal colors and fleck accent colors compliment the standard solid colors in several weight options.  beautiful and durable.  Featuring the Anso Nylon fiber, it's engineered to last. 

August, 2014

Just looked at the July numbers.  Third best month in our history.  Not too bad considering we all took a week off for vacation, and took the Fourth of July off, too.  April went on Maternity leave, which is about the only negative to an otherwise perfect month. 

April, 2014

What can I say?  So much has changed over the last few years, all for the better.  April 1, 2012 was a huge milestone in my life and the life of the company.  I certainly did not foresee how that day's decisions would roll out, but it was certainly an open door that led to a lot of blessings - I just had to get through the mire first.

November, 2013

Finally sitting down to catch up on the site. Haven't been on in months and the technology didn't wait.  #carpet

June 1, 2013

Several days last month we actually closed our doors just to catch up.  May 2012 had been a record month that was dificult for us to catch up.  This last May, however, we did 50% more than that.  Absolutely crazy!

December 1, 2012

So last month ended up really strong.  The day before Thanksgiving was huge, and we didn't get out till late.  It seemed like every customer wanted to buy, and buy right then.

The Monday after Thanksgiving was the exact same.  Non stop traffic and non stop orders.  Really awesome to go into Christmas season with orders on the board.  A strong push next week and we'll beat the Mayans to 2012!

October, 2011

IQ2U starts in middle October.  We now will bring the "shop at home" carpet and flooring experience to our organization and allow our customers to call and schedule a measurment, consultation, and order, all in one.  We are getting the last few stages of the program in place now.

September 9, 2011

What a wild ride we are on.  Slow, fast, up and down, with no way of predicting what's next.  Fortunately, September is showing strength and our own confidence in the market is growing.